Company History



Company History

Formed in 1984 by technicians from other mailing equipment companies, A.B.E.'s main goal was and is to provide better service and higher quality equipment at a value price. With the founders being involved in the service end of customer relations in the past, it was felt that the emphasis be placed upon customer satisfaction over the idea that "any sale is a good sale".

We are located in the heart of Denver so as to be centrally located for a quicker response to all areas of the city.


Maintenance Agreement

American Business Equipment offers Maintenance Agreements on all equipment we sell. Our plan offers replacement of equipment if your equipment cannot be repaired in a reasonable amount of time. Our response time is 4 hours on any call. We also can extend agreements to two shifts and to include Saturdays.

If you did not buy your present equipment from us we still can offer an agreement upon inspection of your equipment's condition.

Most agreements will run 15 to 30 % less than Manufactures Agreements.

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Rebuilt Machines


Rebuilt Machines

Rebuilt. Refurbished. Wipe down. How does the customer know what they're getting? The only way to know is to get references on equipment placements. The older the reference the better. When a demonstration is given, look under the covers of a machine for dirt, grease, or rust. Do any feed rubbers or belts look worn or cracked? Many dealer don't do their own rebuilding. They buy from out of state dealers. We feel that if we don't rebuild it, we won't sell it. Knowledge of our products through the rebuilding process give us better field servicing. The age and usage of a machine is very important when rebuilding. When reviewing the products on our web pages look under the picture to get the approximate age of certain models.

A.B.E. has a 9 point procedure we use on all machines we receive for rebuilding.

  1. Cycle Count. How many cycles does the machine have? We believe that you can only rebuild a machine so many times. Machines with high counts are used as parts machines for non-wearable parts only.
  2. Motors. Motors are very reliable. We test motors on RPM, and AMPERAGE. If they fail they are replaced.
  3. ELECTRONICS. Circuit board are tested visually for heat spots caused by poor solder joints. Then the boards are placed in the machine and flexed while machine is on to see if any errors occur. The final test is with a heat gun. This tests IC and transistors for thermal breakdown.
  4. RUBBER ITEMS. All rubber parts, ROLLERS, FEED BELTS, PULLEYS, etc. are checked for wear, cracks, and hardness. All soft wearable rubbers are replaced.
  5. BEARINGS, BUSHINGS, SHAFTS. These are more crucial in the older models than in the newer units. Shafts and bushing will wear unevenly if not properly oiled, there should not be any play.
  6. FRAME. Machines get moved around allot. If the main structure is bent or cracked problems in motors, shafts, bushings will happen.
  7. PRESSURE WASH. All machines are steamed pressure washed so thorough inspection can take place.
  8. SHOP BREAK-IN. After rebuilding a machine we cycle it for half its monthly recommended duty cycle. This helps eliminate some of the on-site break-in.
  9. PLACEMENT. For correct machine placement we insist that you try our equipment at your location, with your material, operated by your employees.


Service is our specialty. We offer hourly rates or Equipment Maintenance Agreements. Although our main products are Pitney Bowes we also service others manufactures like Ascom Hasler, Martin Yale, Michaels Business Machines, Profold, Accufast, etc. Our service people are in the mind set that if they can get parts for the equipment, they can fix it. Our technicians have been trained in electronics, software and all types of mechanical theories. If you feel the price you are currently paying is too high, or the service person is not competent please give us a call.

We don't charge for travel inside the Denver metro area and offer free estimates. On some older machines, when circuit boards are no longer available, we can troubleshoot down to component level to replace IC's or transistors. On most machines parts such as motors, belts, switches can be purchased locally at a savings of over 1/2 the cost of buying them from the manufacture.

We have service rates for on site or in-house, which is less expensive. If your equipment cannot be fixed immediately, because of a part not in stock, we can provide a loaner machine.


A.B.E guarantees all work for thirty days.
"Service" is our Specialty
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